What age are electric scooters for?

Owing to the increasing number of road injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned all parents not to permit their children younger than 12 years to ride electric scooter or any motorized toy scooters in public places. However, the age rules for riding electric scooters vary depending upon the country and state you belong to.

In some nations, there is an age limit of 16 years to ride electric scooters, while in some countries there is no license required to ride these motorized scooters in public places. Earlier, only people above the age of 18 years were allowed to ride motorized scooters or electric scooters. But recently a resolution has been passed and the age limit has been reduced to 16 years. So, if you are above the age of 16 years you are eligible to ride the electric scooter in public places.

But, again it is requested that you confirm with your Motor Vehicle Inspector to confirm the age limit to ride electric scooter in your state and also confirm if any license required for riding such electric scooters in public places. There are different age rules in different states and it varies depending upon the power and type of the electric scooter you are riding. There are electric scooters which are meant only for kids below the age of 12 years and for some scooters there is no such age rule. The electric scooters for adults do have age rules which you need to follow in order to prevent the suspension and ceasing of the electric scooter. In different states, there are also penalties and fines which are imposed on the rider who don’t follow the age rules.

How old do kids need to be to ride an electric scooter?


In order to ensure the safest experience with the electric scooter, it is necessary that you ride electric scooter with your kids.

According to experts, kids above the age of 8 years are eligible for riding the electric motorised scooters. But, this doesn’t mean that kids below 8 years can’t have their own electric scooters.There are electric scooters available for toddlers which are battery powered and suitable for kids below the age of 8 years. These scooters are more like a toy which give the experience of riding a real electric scooter.

So, being the parent it is essential for you to ensure that your kid is riding the electric scooter that is suitable for their age range. To check the age range, you may read the specification list where it is clearly mention the age group for which the specific electric scooter is meant. So, based on the age range and needs of your kids you need to make the selection.

There are different electric scooters designed for different age groups. The electric scooter designed for age group of 8-10 years is not suitable for people who are above 15 years or below 8 years. Children who are heavy and big must not ride the electric scooters designed for younger age group as they are lightweight and can break, causing the rider to crash. So, it is necessary that you choose the scooter as per the age group specified.
So, it is confirmed that people of any age group can ride electric scooters, but choosing the scooter as per the age group is utmost crucial to avoid the crashes and hassles later. Always read the specifications prior to buying and know which electric scooter is suitable for your kids based on their age group.

How much does an electric scooter weigh?


As there are different models and brands of electric scooter, the weight of each model varies. There are lightweight models which hardly weigh around 120-130 lbs. There are also heavy models of electric scooter available which can weigh around 250-350 lbs. So, the weight of the electric scooter is not ascertained as it varies depending upon the brand and model you have bought.

Moreover, the weight of electric scooter also varies depending upon the size of the scooter. The electric scooter designed for kids and children below 10 years are light in weight compared to those that are designed to adults. There are also other factors which are included when calculating the overall weight of the electric scooters. The electric scooter comes with different features and accessories. Besides, there are battery and motor installed in the scooter which adds up to the overall weight of the electric scooter. So, it is difficult to confirm the exact weight of the electric scooter.

You are required to read the specifications of the scooter to know more about the weight of the electric scooter. You also need to consider other factors like the battery and motor installed in the electric scooter. The average power electric scooter usually weighs between 150lbs to 250lbs and the heavy duty electric scooters for adults weigh between 300lbs to 400lbs. It all depends on the accessories and parts and components that are installed in the electric scooter. The weight of the electric scooter also depends on the material that is used to deign it. Most of the high end brands make use of high grade aluminium, while some of the manufacturers use high grade polymer plastic. So, the weight of the electric scooter varies depending upon the material.

Can you ride electric scooter on dirt/gravel road?


Well, it depends on the electric scooter that you have invested in. It is not necessary that all the electric scooters are meant for gravel and dirt roads.

The tyres and the mechanism of the electric scooters play a major role in determining whether the electric scooter is suitable for gravel and dirt roads or not. The electric scooters usually come with flat rubberized tires or inflated air tires. The electric scooters that come with flat rubber tires are considered not suitable for bumpy roads, but they are extremely the popular choice when it comes to ride your scooter in gravel and dirt roads.

The inflated air tires are perfect for all terrains, especially the bumpy roads as it can significantly absorb the shocks. But, it can burst because the gravel on the road can rapture the tube inside the tires.

It is extremely important for you to wear all the protective gears while driving your electric scooter on gravel and dirt roads. Riding your scooter on such terrains can be risky if you are not wearing the protective gears. Also, you need to make the selection of the tires carefully as not all tyre types are suitable for all roads. The inflated air tires are good options if you want to avoid the shocks and jerks while riding, but for gravel roads and dirt roads, the best option is always the rubber tires. You can ride your electric scooter on any terrains and even on gravel roads if the scooter has the rubber tires installed in it. Moreover, the motor also needs to be powerful enough to create the friction for movement on such road conditions.

Can you use electric scooter manually, like a push scooter?


Whether you can ride electric scooter manually or not like a push scooter is a huge debate these days. It is important for you to know that not all electric scooters are meant to be ridden manually like a push scooter. This is a question that every electric scooter owners want to know. Usually the electric scooters are meant to be ridden for a stretch of 40-60 minutes with a single charge. But, at times the battery may drain out and you may face difficulty when such situation arises.

You can still use the electric scooter and push it around until you reach your destination, especially if you are using the dual electric scooter. The dual electric scooters is designed in such a way that it can be ridden both electrically using the battery power and by pushing it like push bikes when the battery drains. These dual electric scooters can work both as electric scooter and manual scooter.

But, to use the electric scooter manually like a push bike, you need to ensure that the battery of the scooter has drained completely. Once the battery drains out completely you need to switch the electric scooter to manual mode and you can start pushing the scooter around until you reach your destination. But, as soon as you find the charging point do charge the electric scooter battery so that you can again use it electrically with its motor. But, in case the electric scooter is not the dual one, then you simply need to get off the scooter and push it around until you reach your destination as riding it manually like a push bike is not possible with such electric scooter. So, it depends on the type of electric scooter you are using.

Are Electric Scooter Legal?

Yes they are legal! Whether or not they can be used on public roads is a bit of a grey area that there is some debate about. As our electric scooters need a manual push off by the rider to begin the journey there is an argument that they do not fall under the mechanically propelled vehicle law so you do not need tax to drive them on the road. The minister for transport is looking at bringing in specific laws for the electric scooters in the future also.  

Is there a warranty?

Yes there is a full 6 month warranty on all of our electric scooters. If there is a fault simply send us an email and we will organise for your scooter to be replaced.


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